Our Process

If you’re seeking peace of mind that you’re on the right path to reach your financial goals, we can help. Our innovative planning process starts with a discovery phase where we get to know you and determine three primary things:  your current state of financial wellness, your tolerance to risk, and your goals for wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution. After the discovery phase is complete, the remainder of our process is divided into four stages…


  1. Identification and documentation of goals and performance metrics
  2. Evaluation and selection of available opportunities
  3. Implementation of selected approaches
  4. Optimization of performance


When following our unique process, you can rest assured that we will…

  • Balance your short-term needs with your long-term goals
  • Identify and communicate new opportunities as they arise 
  • Keep your risk at an appropriate level according to your preferences
  • Prevent avoidable mistakes and maximize efficiency
  • Make the complex financial world as simple as possible…but no simpler
  • Ensure all the pieces of your financial life fit together
  • Monitor and adjust your implemented plans as needed