Separately Managed Accounts

Separately managed accounts (SMA), also frequently referred to as individually managed accounts, comprise portfolios of individually selected securities such as stocks and bonds. They can offer benefits such as customizing your investment strategy and approach, and aligning your investments with your philosophy and values.

Perhaps you are seeking exposure to a particular investment style such as large-cap equity, small-cap equity, or the growth or value styles of investing. Or you may prefer to steer clear of certain types of industries such as those profiting from tobacco sales or potentially damaging to the environment. Whatever approach you desire, we can help you develop a clear investment plan and consider all aspects of the SMA opportunity — from the tax advantages to due diligence and compliance.

Benefits of our SMA Program include:
  • Access to actively managed portfolios of individual securities without the additional fund expenses incurred by mutual funds (fund accounting, fund administration, etc.)
  • Additional opportunities for tax harvesting
  • Avoiding capital gains that are commonly distributed by actively managed mutual funds

Our deeply experienced investment advisors would welcome the opportunity to discuss your objectives as they relate to separately managed accounts.


All investments carry some level of risk including the potential loss of all money invested.  No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss."